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Bathroom Vanity Cabinets


Melamine for your bathroom cabinets

Melamine vanity

Melamine is a panel of wood particles, on which is glued a decorative paper coated with melamine resin. This product is available in a wide variety of colors and textures. Melamine kitchen cabinets offer great value for money.

Design of ultra matte bathroom cabinets

Matte finish bathroom cabinets

Ultra-matte products are trendy, innovative and in high demand. We offer a wide range of matte products that will meet your budget. Some are made up of an MDF panel covered with a mast polymer, others use smarter technologies, such as ''Fénix''. The ultra matte cabinet doors can be presented as a ''Shaker'' door or as a ''Straight'' door. A large choice of colors is available, which will give a sober style to your kitchen.

Design of bathroom cabinets in super gloss.

High gloss bathroom cabinets

High-gloss bathroom cabinets are trending. They offer a one-of-a-kind appearance. They are composed of an MDF panel covered with an acrylic or a machined polymer. The doors can be presented as a ''Shaker'' door or as a ''Straight'' door. A large choice of glossy colors is available, which will give a contemporary style to your kitchen.

Polyester bathroom cabinet design

Armoires and polyester

The 5-piece polyester bathroom cabinet doors are composed of a melamine center, then surrounded by an MDF frame, itself covered with a laminated decorative paper (polyester). From its classic style, there is a wide choice of colors and finishes.

Design of Thermoplastic bathroom cabinets.

Thermoplastic Cabinets

Thermoplastic cabinets can adapt to any style, from classic to the most modern. Its main characteristic is to offer molded cabinet doors, in one piece and without visible joints. The thermoplastic offers the possibility of ''Shaker'' style cabinet doors or simply ''Straight'' doors.

Wood veneer for your bathroom cabinets

Wood veneer cabinets

Our wood veneer cabinet doors are ''Shaker'' or ''Straight'' style. Wood veneer offers several styles with its wide choice of wood species. Our wood veneer cabinet doors are fully covered with a color stain of the customer's choice and a polyurethane lacquer ''varnish''. The advantage is to allow a very large decorative choice of wood patterns to create various visual effects that are both personalized and unique.


Lacquered MDF cabinets

MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) cabinets are made from display wood and woodworking residues. Resin-bonded wood scraps are compressed to form fiberboards of varying thicknesses. These wood-based panels are the ideal material for kitchen cabinet doors intended to be covered with an opaque lacquer.