Custom furniture, closet and walk-in closet


At Armoires Agly, we design custom storage furniture in melamine or other personalized materials. You choose your style, the color and the finishes of your personalized furniture. Each piece of furniture is unique and perfectly adapted to your interior. A wardrobe - or walk-in closet - is an ideal storage solution to make your closet functional and ergonomic. It allows you to store and organize all your clothes, shoes and other items in one place.

Custom Super Glossy Storage Design

High gloss cabinets are very trendy. They are composed of an MDF panel covered with an acrylic or a machined polymer see why.

Thermo-plastic custom storage design

Thermoplastic cabinets can adapt to any style, from classic to the most modern. Its main characteristic is to offer molded cabinet doors, in one piece and without visible joints. The thermoplastic offers the possibility of ''Shaker'' style cabinet doors or simply ''Straight'' doors.