Butcher blocks: durable solid wood kitchen counters

butcher block

Made of solid wood, the butcher block - or “Butcher block” - adds a warm touch to your kitchen. Wood goes well with any decor. It can be oiled or varnished, depending on its use.

The oiled wood counter is ideal for cutting and chopping food directly on wood, such as a cutting board. Also, the varnished wood counter can be varnished and serve as a side counter and a lunch counter. Easy to maintain and stain resistant, you can clean it with a simple damp cloth. And maintained properly, the butcher block countertop is a durable product that you can keep for years.


We offer several species for your butcher block counters. Choose from our butcher blocks in walnut, maple, birch, cherry or oak. Each species of wood has its own cuts and stains, so you will have a wide choice of colors.

Agly Cabinets offers made-to-measure butcher blocks and offers you a turnkey service. Contact us, we will take the time necessary to evaluate your project and define its particularities with you. Come visit our showroom in Terrebonne to choose from our selection of solid wood for your butcher block or your central kitchen island.