Custom Walk-Ins and Closets

Walk-in types

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A wardrobe - or walk-in - is an ideal storage solution to make your wardrobe functional and ergonomic. It allows you to store and organize all your clothes, shoes and other items in one place.

Whether it is a full-fledged room or a piece of furniture integrated into one of the walls of your bedroom, the walk-in or closet needs to be thought out upstream, before any installation, in order to that it perfectly meets your lifestyle and your requirements.

Expand your storage space with turnkey walk-in solutions from Armoires Agly.


Design of custom storage cabinets

We design and manufacture various custom storage systems to suit your storage needs. Do you prefer to take your clothes or fold them? What kinds of clothes do you wear? Our designer-cabinetmakers will listen to you to create the wardrobe perfectly suited to your habits, your needs, your budget and your tastes.

At Armoires Agly, we offer tailor-made wardrobe design services as a separate piece or integrated into your bedroom. We make sure that the custom-made furniture fits perfectly into the design of your room. If you have an attic room, we work accordingly, including taking all the measurements of your room.

Multiple custom design options, including accessories, finishes and lights are available to you:

  • Hinged or sliding doors. Custom sliding closet doors save space in the room. The installation of the rails on the ground is carried out by us.
  • Number of storage spaces to optimize the use of space and organization.
  • Types of storage: wardrobe, shoe storage, narrow or wide shelves, deep drawers, drawer dividers to organize jewelry.
  • Type of lighting: LED, disc or ribbon. Lighting improves the accessibility of your walk-in closet, while enhancing the aesthetic appeal.
  • Finishes. Dark or pale, soft or textured, we offer several types of finishes. Our materials can easily be adapted to your tastes.


Quality materials for the storage of your tailor-made wardrobe

Once the design is completed and validated, we proceed to manufacture the parts of the custom-made storage system. All our products are made from quality materials and are entirely Quebecois.

We guarantee the use of durable and resistant materials, meeting quality requirements. All of our products are protected by a warranty against manufacturing defects, as well as a one-year warranty on the installation of the storage.

Once designed, your bespoke storage solution is installed with care by our experienced installers, at a time that suits you.

Armoires Agly designs and manufactures wardrobes - walk-in closets and custom furniture in the greater Montreal area.

Get in touch with us and share with us your idea of the perfect walk-in closet! Located in Lachenaie, Terrebonne, we are at your service and put our skills and experience at your service. Come visit our showroom to appreciate the different finishes and meet our designer-cabinetmakers.

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